Don't want to live without you in my life....Im Spoiled

Dont Judge the name. . . .

♥s p 0 i l e d_f 3 m ♥
11 August
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New York



You think you know..But you have NO idea.Dont let the name fool you. . . .

One thing you need to know is that RESPECT goes a long way..You respect me and my wishes, and i'll respect you and your thoughts.

♥Im in Love with Alicia Keys so 99.9% Of the time, You will see a Picture, Icon or even Layout of her in my Journal.If that Bothers you, Dont request to be added as a friend.

Im VERY NICE..(at times lol) but dont take that as a weakness.I can be Very Bitchy,Moody, Overall have some negative traits about me at times(But who doesnt?) ♥

Anything Else? Get to know me a little better.Get into my head, My Thoughts. You hold the key.Just ask to be added, Get added back, and the doors will be unlocked and opened to your viewing pleasures

Love Always,
♥ T a s h a